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Consultations with Dr. Jimmy Scott

Dr. Scott travels around the world to see clients as well as to teach and lecture. Call or e-mail to find out if he travels to your area. Clients may also choose to come to his office in Hastings, Ontario, Canada, near Peterborough (2 hours north east of Toronto). This is a quiet, rural setting.

Dr. Scott also makes himself available for phone consultations when he is at his home office in Canada. To book a phone consultation, first call or e-mail the office (see Contacting Us). We will request that you send some written information about your health concerns first, in order to save time on the phone. It is also best if you inform yourself about Health Kinesiology™ by reading articles on this web site before you speak to Dr. Scott. Again, this will save time on the phone. We don't want to waste anybody's time. Don't call unless you intend to get well!

To book an appointment contact the office.

Telephone consultations: US$2.50 per minute.
Call the office first to book. The more information you can provide in advance, the less time spent on the phone with Dr. Scott.

Other qualified HK™ Practitioners
There are many qualified HK™ Practitioners, many of whom have studied at the advanced level with Dr. Scott himself. The largest number are found in USA, England, and Germany. See Finding an HK™ Practitioner to help you locate one near you.




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