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What is the Allergy Tap™? | Cure Your Own Allergies in Minutes 






What is the Allergy Tap™?

Cure Your Own Allergies in Minutes

The Allergy Tap™ is a simple Health Kinesiology (HK) technique for potentially eliminating an allergy. Many people all around the world have learned the method in a one-day Cure Your Own Allergies Class or from Dr. Scott’s book, Cure Your Own Allergies in Minutes,* and used it with significant results. Each of the people quoted below used only what they learned in this class to accomplish their Minor Miracles.

"My young son was a dairyfoodaholic & suffered frequent belly aches. We used the HK Allergy Tap & he now uses dairy foods in moderation & without belly aches. Needless to say, we are very impressed and pleased!"

- AW, Roslin, ON, Canada

To do the Allergy Tap™, you place the offending substance over a specific acupuncture point on the belly and tap eight pairs of specific acupuncture points such as these below.

When done before an allergy episode, people are often happy to find that the next time they meet the substance, no reaction occurs. When it is done during an allergy episode, people have often seen their symptoms disappear in a few minutes, completely eliminating the reaction. How often does the Allergy Tap™ need to be done? Only once.

"Last year my husband was treated at the emergency room for his severe pain & swelling after a thorn prick from a thorn tree on our property. This year, after another prick, we used the Allergy Tap & his egg-sized swelling went away."

- JA, Orono, ON, Canada

Does this simple technique work for every allergic reaction?

No, but it is so quick and easy that it is always worth a try! The Allergy Tap™ does work about 90% of the time. An HK Practitioner can use the more powerful SET™ technique if necessary.

Must I have a specialist do this for me?

No, you can even do the Allergy Tap™ for yourself.

How long does it take?

Just a few minutes.

Where can I learn the Allergy Tap?
With the special one-day Cure Your Own Allergies Class or in the regular HK1 Class. In the Cure Class you learn the HK™ Allergy Testing procedure, the Allergy Tap™, the HK™ Tolerance Testing procedure, and the Tolerance Increase method. Hands-on practice is included. Bring samples of foods, cosmetics, etc., for testing and practice. An illustrated 16 page how-to manual is included. You can also get the entire Cure Your Own Allergies Manual, free on this web site. Click on the title for instructions on how to download this Adobe Acrobat document.

It is important to understand that eliminating some reactions goes beyond the scope of this simple Tapping Technique. In those cases, other types of HK energy balancing is required. Often there are psychological issues or internal electromagnetic imbalances that stress the mind and body. An HK Practitioner can help alleviate them with other HK techniques. See Finding an HK Practitioner.

"My HK client reacted so severely to dogs that she used both an oral antihistamine & a puffer. We did the HK Allergy Tap the day before she visited her close friend who owns six big dogs. The next day, she sat on the couch next to her friend, while she groomed her husky, and experienced no reaction whatsoever. Were they ever surprised!"

- JC, Apsley, ON, Canada

*ed's note: The book is currently out of print, but the techniques are fully described in the
Cure Your Own Allergies Manual, available as shareware. The second edition of the book is underway.





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