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Test Kits

Test kits are important tools for the Health Kinesiology Practitioner and for anyone who plans to test themselves and/or friends and family members frequently for sensitivities. These kits all contain energy versions of the listed materials. Samples are individually contained in tiny glass vials. They are ideal for HK SET™ or Allergy Tap corrections.

Our original line of Test Kits are is longer available from the original manufacturer.
We are negotiating with another company to supply test kits. Products will be shipped directly from the company, which means the products will be fresher and are less likely to have been damaged during shipping. This company is headquartered in the United States and has more items available than our previously supplier, about 5000. They also have attractive flat storage boxes.
Since this is a US company, shipping expenses are less and there are no customs duties for US customers.
This company has been making test kit products for a number of years, and is very knowledgeable about energy work.
Soon we will have a complete listing of their products available on this site.
The new company will also make custom items.

Click on the Test Kit for more detailed information provided by the manufacturer

* no longer available
Our remaining Test Kits are ON SALE - 10 % discount - as long as supply last.
Applies when you mention the website!

- Amino Acids

- Food Additives A *

Pathology/ Histology: Respiratory System *

- Bach Flower Essences *

- Food Additives B *

Pathology / Histology: Lower Digestive System

- Bacteria *

- Fungi, Protozoa, Chlamydia *

Pathology / Histology: Upper Digestive System

- Body Biochemicals 1

- Homeopathic A

Pathology / Histology: Endocrine System *

- Body Biochemicals 2 *

- Homeopathic B

Pathology / Histology: Gallbladder & Liver *

- Body Biochemicals 3

- Homeovitic (HoBoN)

Pathology / Histology: Brain & Nervous System

- Body Biochemicals 4 *

- Hormone

Pathology / Histology: Skeletal System

- Body Biochemicals 5 *

- Industrial & Environmental 1

Pathology / Histology: Muscle & Connective Tissue *

- Chemical & Inhalants *

- Industrial & Environmental 2

Pathology / Histology: Urinary System *

- 23 Common Metals

- Invasive Organism Composites

Pathology / Histology: Lymph, Blood & Immune System *

- Dental *

- Maui Flower Essences

Pathology / Histology: Circulatory System *

- Digestive Enzymes

- Nutrition

Pathology / Histology: Female Breast

- Earth Energies *

- Parasites 

Pathology / Histology: Female Reproductive System

- Elements *

- Pesticides

Pathology / Histology: Male Reproductive System

- Essential Oils A

- Pollens, Dust, & Moulds *

Pathology / Histology: Neonatal & Pregnancy

- Essential Oils B

- Recreational Drugs

Pathology / Histology: Ears, Nose, Eyes & Mouth

- Food A

- Vaccinations

Pathology / Histology: Skin

- Food B

- Viruses *

- Food C




Prices vary

To Order test kits Contact Us.
Detailed descriptions and prices for USA and Canada can be downloaded in Adobe Acrobat Reader™: Test Kit Price List
HK BioEnergy Products  
  •  vitamins, minerals, nutritional supplements
  •  Western herbs, Chinese herbs, Ayurvedic herbs
  •  homeopathics
  •  essential oils, aromatic oils, flower and gem essences, aromatherapy
  •  esoteric energy tools
  •  kinesiology products, reflexology products
  •  natural cosmetics, hair and skin care
  •  lifestyle enhancement products
  •  environmental products
You can order these from the HK Office


Life Transformer

Gizmo™ not available, substitute
"Protection from Electromagnetic Fields" Life Transformer

The Gizmo is a small round disk (like a large button) comprised of a select group of specifically integrated electronic components geometrically set in a hard, natural energy-neutral epoxy. When worn on the body, the Gizmo provides extremely effective protection against the constant negative effects of environmental pollution, e.g. microwaves, radar, radio and television emissions, x-rays, fluorescent lighting, computers, high voltage power lines, electronic watches and even telephones.

HK Papers                regular price      HK student price
candida albicans                 US$3.50        US$3.50
set of 5 for SET procedure    N/A               US$5.00

HK Papers are tiny squares of paper that are imbedded with the energy patterns of various allergens. The candida albicans paper is available to individuals who wish to test themselves for candida using techniques outlined in Cure Your Own Allergies in Minutes. See book, above, take the Cure Class, or download your free manual: Cure Manual.

The set of 5 HK Papers, available only to students who have completed HK 2, include composites of: foods, pollens, candida albicans, molds, and miscellaneous substances. They are used to test for and correct groups of allergens using the HK "SET" technique.

  regular price HK student price
bar rubber US$1.25 US$1.25
set of 24 bar rubber US$30 US$30
small round ceramic US$0.25 US$0.25
medium round ceramic US$0.30 US$0.30
large round ceramic US$0.60 US$0.60
set of round ceramic US$15.00 US$15.00
bar ceramic US$3.50 US$3.50

Magnets have a variety of uses in the Health Kinesiology system. They can be used to facilitate the healing of injuries, bones, etc. Techniques to use magnets for healing are taught in the HK 2 class. Magnets are also used to correct electro-magnetic fields and a variety of geobiology problems in the home or office. These skills are taught in Geobiology

NOTE: Magnets can no longer be sent in the mail, due to postal regulations. They must be sent by UPS or courier, which increases shipping costs.

Pattern Cards         
Local Harmony              US$12.50      

Planetary Balance                  

Specific geometric designs are printed on cards and laminated. The cards are placed in specific locations (determined by testing) to counteract geopathic energies.

TO ORDER any BioEnergy products detailed here,
see Contact Us. Canadian prices available upon request.



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