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Health Kinesiology™ is a powerful option in the field of alternative healing.

HK™ maintains rigorous standards of teaching and certification to assure that our practitioners are competent to work as a Description: Description: muscle testprofessionals in the field of alternative health. Practitioners have an option of becoming "certified" as Authorized HK™ Practitioners by examination after they have finished HK™ 6 (168 hours of training) and completed many hours of work with clients. The HK™ office will only recommend HK™ Practitioners if they are certified, however we will refer HK™ Practitioners who are not certified if there are no certified HK™ Practitioners in your area. Please ask if the HK™ Practitioner is certified. Note: in North America, the certification process is still young. Most Practitioners have not yet been certified, but personal recommendations can be obtained by talking to a Practitioner's HK™ teacher. We always refer the more advanced professionals first.

We cannot guarantee that there will be an HK™ Practitioner in your area, but there are many around the world, especially in the United States, England, and Germany.

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For a referral to an HK™ Practitioner

Call or e-mail the HK™ supporters closest to you below (if in doubt, contact Canada).

Canada/USA: HK™ International Headquarters

Contact the HK™ Headquarters,
We maintain a complete list of all HK™ students, worldwide.

: Dr. Scott also sees clients himself, see Consultations with Dr. Scott


Martine Sayujya Fontaine, HK™ teacher
web site:
phone: (+32) 2 375 7845

mobile: (+32) 495 637 499

England, Scotland, and Wales

The United Kingdom web site has a list of HK™ Practitioners .


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Klaus Schäfer, HK™ Teacher Freiburg
phone: (+49) (0) 7664 618118

Annette Mundt, HK™ Teacher Hannover
phone:(+49) (0) 5751 14666

Gero Gericke, HK™ student Köln
web site:
phone: (+49) (0) 2224 940540

Tonja Hauser HK™ Practitioner

Nachtigallenweg 5, 26203 Wardenburg

Tel.: 0441/8096118




Schweizerischer Berufsverband für Health-KinesiologInnen
web site:
phone: (+41) (0)79 356 72 81 (Montag und Mittwoch 17.00 bis 20.00 Uhr)




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